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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject [beanutils] Site generation
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 20:26:08 GMT
Hi all,

while preparing the site for the next [beanutils] release, some
questions popped up. I think, I better ask before messing it up ;-)

- The [beanutils] site stores older versions for Javadocs and release
notes. AFAIK, the pom needs a specific configuration of the
maven-scm-publish-plugin to prevent that this data is deleted on
redeplyoment. Indeed, the pom contains such a configuration, but it is
under <pluginManagement> instead of <plugins>. Is this intended?

- In order to add data for a new version to this area, do I have to
check the site out, add the directories manually, and then commit?

- The content of the release-notes folder is, well, strange. It contains
only entries for versions prior to 1.8.0; the 1.8.x release notes are
linked under the javadocs directory. For the older versions, the content
is different. Some contain the whole Javadoc (again), I even found a
beanutils.jar (for version 1.6.1). Should this directory be removed


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