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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [all] simplifying releases: dist vs. maven repo
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 11:07:21 GMT
On 13/12/2013 02:50, Gary Gregory wrote:
> Hi All:
> We talk on and off as to how painful it is to release components.
> One of these pains is that we distribute to multiple places: An Apache
> "dist" folder and the Apache Maven repository.
> Clearly, Maven is here to stay.
> So why not deploy the -src and -bin files to Maven and forget about dist. A
> URL is a URL, what do users care is the URL points deep into "dist" or our
> Maven repo. I for one, need the -bin zips for certain Apache projects
> (JMeter, ActiveMQ) so my Ant Ivy builds can download and install them.

It does seem to be an abuse of what the Maven repo is meant to be for
but lots of projects do it. When Tomcat had an explicit request for this
(and the .exe installer as well) I took a look at what was in the Maven
repo. Quite a few projects have been doing this for a while.

My conclusion was that given that:
a) Maven central don't object to it
b) it is easy to do
c) (some of) our users want it

then we should do it.

The fact that folks are using something in a way that wasn't originally
intended is - to me - far less important.

> I know we have some legal requirements to host at least the sources and
> that we provide binaries as a "courtesy" but does it matter _where_ the
> files are on Apache servers?

We do need to keep the files on dist for so:
a) the mirrors can pick them up
b) they get automatically copied to archive.a.o


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