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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [help] [pool] restoring javadocs to site
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2013 04:54:02 GMT
On 12/30/13, 4:04 PM, Phil Steitz wrote:
> I ran with scissors and tried mvn site-deploy and it seems to have
> (sic) *deleted* the previous javadoc versions from the site svn. 
> How can I get these back?  How can I avoid this trauma each time I
> try to publish the site?  I guess I can just cp the local mvn site
> gen to a direct checkout the svn pub-sub.  Is that what others do? 
> Sorry I probably missed good instructions on this somewhere.
> Phil

Finally got this fixed (mostly).  I was able to get all but 1.6
apidocs from previous revisions.  When I tried to svn add the 1.6
apidocs (grabbed from an earlier rev checkout) I got this

svn: E200009: File '/Users/psteitz/pool-site/api-1.6/index-all.html'
has inconsistent newlines
svn: E135000: Inconsistent line ending style

I got the same result when I
0) extracted the apidocs from the binary release
1) rebuilt the apidocs from the source release
I finally succeeded when I rebuilt the apidocs from a fresh checkout
of the 1.6 tag.  I thought our tools were supposed to handle this
stuff $#%#$^!

I also had to svn revert the JIRA and Clirr report html files
because I got the same error when I tried to commit the full set of
changes with these included.  When viewing these reports, the
javadoc menus are borked.  Anyone better capable of wrestling with
this is welcome to try to fix it.  The files in pool trunk generate
a good site.  I am pretty sure my local svn props are set correctly.

Moral of the story: don't mess with mvn site-deploy unless you have
"nothing to lose" in the filesystem.  Also, there must be something
screwed up in line-ending handling in svn pub-sub or the way our
tooling is handling it (or some local config I am missing?).  At
this point, I am inclined to nuke the current repo and rebuild from
a clean copy of a locally generated site.  Any better ideas?


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