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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [help] [pool] restoring javadocs to site
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2013 19:34:42 GMT
On 12/31/13, 10:43 AM, Oliver Heger wrote:
> Am 31.12.2013 19:09, schrieb Phil Steitz:
>> On 12/31/13, 7:34 AM, sebb wrote:
>>> On 31 December 2013 04:54, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
>>>> On 12/30/13, 4:04 PM, Phil Steitz wrote:
>>>>> I ran with scissors and tried mvn site-deploy and it seems to have
>>>>> (sic) *deleted* the previous javadoc versions from the site svn.
>>>>> How can I get these back?  How can I avoid this trauma each time I
>>>>> try to publish the site?  I guess I can just cp the local mvn site
>>>>> gen to a direct checkout the svn pub-sub.  Is that what others do?
>>>>> Sorry I probably missed good instructions on this somewhere.
>>>>> Phil
>>>> Finally got this fixed (mostly).  I was able to get all but 1.6
>>>> apidocs from previous revisions.  When I tried to svn add the 1.6
>>>> apidocs (grabbed from an earlier rev checkout) I got this
>>>> svn: E200009: File '/Users/psteitz/pool-site/api-1.6/index-all.html'
>>>> has inconsistent newlines
>>>> svn: E135000: Inconsistent line ending style
>>>> I got the same result when I
>>>> 0) extracted the apidocs from the binary release
>>>> 1) rebuilt the apidocs from the source release
>>>> I finally succeeded when I rebuilt the apidocs from a fresh checkout
>>>> of the 1.6 tag.  I thought our tools were supposed to handle this
>>>> stuff $#%#$^!
>>>> I also had to svn revert the JIRA and Clirr report html files
>>>> because I got the same error when I tried to commit the full set of
>>>> changes with these included.  When viewing these reports, the
>>>> javadoc menus are borked.  Anyone better capable of wrestling with
>>>> this is welcome to try to fix it.  The files in pool trunk generate
>>>> a good site.  I am pretty sure my local svn props are set correctly.
>>>> Moral of the story: don't mess with mvn site-deploy unless you have
>>>> "nothing to lose" in the filesystem.  Also, there must be something
>>>> screwed up in line-ending handling in svn pub-sub or the way our
>>>> tooling is handling it (or some local config I am missing?).  At
>>>> this point, I am inclined to nuke the current repo and rebuild from
>>>> a clean copy of a locally generated site.  Any better ideas?
>>> I thought it was possible to tell Maven publish not to delete certain
>>> directories when it updated the site.
>>> These exclusions need to be added to the POM, and then managed manually.
>> Thanks, Sebb.  At this point, I would be happy just to be able to
>> commit manually.  I still have two files that I can't commit - the
>> jira and clirr reports in the top-level directory.  Interestingly,
>> these are the *only* two files that have svn:eol set (correctly to
>> native).  *None* of the rest of the files have *any* properties
>> set.  I did a little comparative shopping and saw that the [lang]
>> and [dbcp] sites also have no properties defined on any of the
>> files.  I guess the maven auto-stomp thing does not set properties
>> or use the local svn settings?  Would appreciate any svn wizardry
>> advice to work around this problem.
> >From my experience, this svn error message can be fixed by ensuring that
> the affected files have consistent line endings - either windows or unix
> style. I would recommend running tools like dos2unix over them.

|Thanks, that seems to have fixed it.  I guess somehow my local
build must have generated files with inconsistent line endings.

> Oliver
>> Phil
>>>> Phil
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