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From Duncan Jones <>
Subject [ALL] Stack Overflow are offering free open source adverts - should we partake?
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 12:26:57 GMT
Hi everyone,

Stack Overflow allows open source projects to create a free advert to
encourage participation in their project. The rules are clearly
explained in the following post:

In summary, we create a 220x250 image that encourages participation in
Apache Commons. We then post it as an answer to that thread and it
will be served up automatically to Stack Overflow users (provided we
receive enough up-votes).

I'm happy to do this on behalf of Apache Commons, but I wanted feedback on:

 - Whether we want to do this?
 - Is there someone more talented who can do the image work?

Last time this advertising spree was organised
there were only 8 participants. We should get in on this.

Kind regards,


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