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From Barry Zhong <>
Subject Expecting BCEL6.0 release for 3 months.
Date Wed, 25 Dec 2013 17:00:24 GMT
> Hey BCEL Genius Team,
> It is my great honor writing to you guys. 
> I’m Barry, and I’m an small open source project owner. We developed another AOP library
to describe a reactive object and its relation’s Lifecycle and constraints, and to perform
Relational Lifecycle constraints validations, Lifecycle callbacks and event propagation with
a meta-driven style. The project can be found at
> Until we read a great article from IBMDeveloperWorks, then we decided to build all those
stuff on top of BCEL 6.0 SNAPSHOT with its annotation API. Because both BCEL and Javassist
has great performance, and we prefer BCEL’s API style, we do want to understand more about
Java Class File Format and JVM instructions. We had passed all tests 2 months ago, and we
were ready to release it to Maven Central while we found BCEL 6.0 is not released for a long
> We are expecting BCEL 6.0 Release urgently. May I have the schedule and then I would
encourage my team that they did a great and valuable job with BCEL 6.0, and what we are doing
is going to on Maven Central?
> Merry Christmas,
> Barry

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