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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [compress] 2.0: require Java7?
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2014 22:24:24 GMT
Hi Stefan,

Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> Hi,
> I've started to write a tiny amount of code for 2.0 to get things moving
> (more on this later) and have already reached a point where Java7 may
> make a difference.
> I'm trying to define an API for attributes beyond the set offered by
> ArchivEntry so far - many (AR, ARJ, CPIO, ZIP, TAR, DUMP) of our entries
> provide POSIX permissions and file attributes, some (ZIP, ARJ and 7z)
> technically provide DOS attributes.  Something like the interfaces of
> the java.nio.file.attribute package[1] (probably without the attribute
> view overhead) might come handy.  OTOH it wouldn't be too complex to
> implement the same ideas ourselves.
> Compress 1.x is at Java5, personally I don't think Java6 would give us
> any benefits.  I don't know about the other improvements in NIO2 but the
> java.nio.file package looks useful for compress.  Therefore I'd tend to
> go with Java7 as requirement for compress2.
> Is this too ambitious?  Should we poll the user list?

If we maintain binary compatibility, we should not break JDK level 
compatibility without good reason. However, if compress2 is *not* meant to 
be binary compatible, I'd start with Java 7 right away.

- Jörg

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