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From Schalk Cronjé <>
Subject Re: Apache Commons & ApacheCon Europe 2014 ... [VFS]
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2014 22:31:37 GMT
On 17/04/2014 22:38, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:

> But theoretically both is possible: consume FileSystems as a provider
> or implement an adapter which makes a VFS filesystem(manager) to
> provide the FileSystem SPI.
I have been playing with that and it looks possible, but it is far from 
trivial. The meagre documentation or even lack of published success in 
writing NIO2 providers shows that this is a road less travelled. I have 
looked at the supplied ZIP example that comes with the JDK and IMHO 
still very much prototype code.

  I think VFS has some things going for it that I could not see in NIO2 
- even something as simple as having two schemes for one provider. In 
addition, adding providers on the fly is easy in VFS, by just calling 
addProvider on FilesystemManager. From my initial investigation I could 
not see a clear way of doing the equivalent in NIO2. There will be more 
things like these, I am sure.

I am very interesting in where this is going in future and the 
maintainer of Groovy VFS, I have a vested interest. I might be 
interested to go to Budapest in November if this gets discussed.


Schalk W. Cronjé

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