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From Bernd Eckenfels <>
Subject Re: [ALL] Auto generating and for github using the commons build plugin
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2014 21:20:10 GMT
Hello Benedikt,

I finally had some time to look at this. I tried to integrate it into
VFS. I did not (yet) change the commpons-parent, I instead used the
direct call method:

mvn org.apache.commons:commons-build-plugin:1.5-SNAPSHOT:readme-md 

I dont think this affects the result substantially, but who knows.

Anyway, the things I noticed:

- with VFS beeing a module build where the toplevel is the vfs-project
  parent, the generated description for the maven artifact might be the
  wrong one. Is there a plan/option to specify a specific module as the
  main deliverable?

- in the generated is some html comments about the template
  system. It talks about "mail-list-template.xml", I guess its a C&P

- i do like that github is featured, but I wonder if this is true for
  all commons projects as the prefered way to contribute? Or is this
  only because you expect to be visible mostly on Github?

- the files have been generated with native (windows) CRLF line endings,
  is that intentional?

- most links relative to project do not work as they use
  commons-vfs2-project instead of commons-vfs. Do I need to set a
  property or should the mojo use a different one?

- is there suggested javadoc location intended for future use, i.e.
  should we change the site build of vfs2?

- I wonder can the link from to be relative,
  it somehow has the svn trunk in there.

- for the JIRA link, i think we hava a property for the JIRA project
  (for the changes report), that can be added to the JIRA URL to be
  more specific?

- I would suggest to name the test command "mvn clean verify" instead
  of "clean test" to make sure ITs are executed (if present).

- i wonder if it should not work recursive, the CONTRIBUTING/README in
  core and examples might not be needed (of course I can skip to commit


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