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From Антон Мацюк <>
Subject [dbcp] dbcp, pool and SQLWarnings.
Date Sun, 01 Mar 2015 21:24:39 GMT
I have a question about dbcp and pool.
Last two weeks I have examined heapdumps of Tomcat instances that is
used by my apps.
There is situation with BoneCP - it have a LOT of SQLWarnings at each
connection used by it.
With DBCP-app all is normal - there is no SQLWarnings.
Apps are not the same, so there can be difference in connections usage
or usage rate, but both apps use Sybase ASE as database, and ASE
reacts with SQLWarning at each use of setReadonly method.
I can't find if somewhere in dbcp- or pool- projects something calling
clearWarnings before or after connection have been used.
May you please point me to this place in code?
Maybe warnings cleared somewhere, maybe DBCP supress setReadonly, but
finally there is no SQLWarning's in Connections in heapdump of app
which use DBCP.
Is it a passivateObject$2358cf20$1ac8a8c0@JOACHIM%3E

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