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From Thomas Neidhart <>
Subject Re: [math] Attempt to circumvent some errors which seem to be platform-dependent.
Date Mon, 04 May 2015 20:16:28 GMT
On 05/04/2015 05:43 PM, luc wrote:
> Le 2015-05-04 14:48, Thomas Neidhart a écrit :
>> Problem still remains, see here:
>> The test failures only occur on the following slaves it seems:
>>  * H10
>>  * ubuntu-2
> This looks like what happened a few months ago then.
> I will try to look at it. As we are only able to reproduce this on this
> build system, I guess this implies committing lots of small changes (with
> System.out.println and the like) and triggering a custom buid from the
> Jenkins configuration above. I can do that, but wonder if there is another
> way without committing the tests in the master branch. Can we set up an
> h10-builds branch that would be used by the job above and would be ignored
> by the regular job ?
> If I remember well, when the previous problem arose even putting simple
> print
> statements in the code made the bug appear and disappear without control.

yes indeed. I tried different ways to figure out what exact statement
went wrong due to JIT compilation (e.g. with System.out statement), but
this already alters the compilation itself thus making it
difficult/impossible to track down the problem like that.

The advantage we had previously was that we had a good idea which
statement went wrong (it was a cast). This time, I do not yet have an
idea, so I think the only way to track this down would be to get
physical access to the machine and analyze the resulting JIT assembly.

You can see in the console output above that I enabled JIT debugging and
that the method in question was optimized 2 times.


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