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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Commons Wiki] Update of "Commons_Logging_FUD" by sebbapache
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2015 05:44:30 GMT
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The "Commons_Logging_FUD" page has been changed by sebbapache:

Note that Tomcat has moved on

  Class loader problems are commons-logging's fault? Hardly. It is the mixture of a popular
project, some unfortunate class loader decisions and 
  the rants of people who might not understand all the implications of the web container class
+ Note: the following applies to Tomcat 5.5; later versions of Tomcat store the jar in the
same place but change the package name so it is only used by Tomcat itself.
+ See [[|Tomcat
6 class loader reference]]. 
+ However the problems caused by the Tomcat 5.5 implementation continue to affect the perception
of Commons Logging.
  If you look at the [[|Tomcat
5.5 class loader reference]], you will notice
  that commons-logging-api.jar was put into the bin/ directory and is available through the
System classloader. That was the unfortunate decision.
@@ -43, +47 @@

  The purpose of Commons Logging is ''not'' to isolate your code from changes in the underlying
logging framework. (That's certainly easy enough to do on your own, and not really worth doing
in the first place given the ease of switching from one logging framework to another.) The
purpose of Commons Logging is ''not'' to somehow be more useful than actual logging frameworks
by being more general. The purpose of Commons Logging is ''not'' to somehow take the logging
world by storm. In fact, there are very limited circumstances in which Commons Logging is
useful. If you're building a stand-alone application, don't use commons-logging. If you're
building an application server, don't use commons-logging. If you're building a moderately
large framework, don't use commons-logging. If however, like the Jakarta Commons project,
you're building a tiny little component that you intend for other developers to embed in their
applications and frameworks, and you believe that logging information might be useful to those
clients, and you can't be sure what logging framework they're going to want to use, then commons-logging
might be useful to you.

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