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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [Math] Maven expert needed...
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 08:00:41 GMT
Gilles wrote:

> ... to fix the "src/userguide" in order to be able to compile the
> examples.
> I get compilation errors like:
> ---CUT---
> /home/gilles/devel/java/apache/commons-
> [19,32] cannot find symbol
>    symbol:   class PerfTestUtils
>    location: package org.apache.commons.math4
> /home/gilles/devel/java/apache/commons-
> package PerfTestUtils does not exist
> ---CUT---
> It seems related to not finding the
> "commons-math4-4.0-SNAPSHOT-tools.jar"
> file, although it has been created:
> $ ls target/*jar
> target/commons-math4-4.0-SNAPSHOT-tools.jar
> target/commons-math4-4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
> Also, I think that the naming of the "tools" JAR might be problematic.
> Isn't the version supposed to come after the complete name (in order
> to be able to fill the "<dependency>" tags in the userguide's
> "pom.xml")?

No, it's an attached artifact. This jar is build (for whatever reason) using 
the ant and build-helper plugin (instead of using the jar plugin directly) 
in the package phase of the main build.

However, the pom in the userguide does not refer this artifact, therefore it 
is not on the classpath. Simply add:


I have currently no Maven setup on my machine, therefore I cannot test it. 
Otherwise I'd had committed it myself ;-)


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