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From Eric Barnhill <>
Subject Re: [Math] Changes to ComplexUtils
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2016 22:08:01 GMT
Apologies for the 3 months' delay but we had to move to a new country 
and I didn't feel I had the time to contribute.

If you don't mind me picking up where I left off, I went through 
ComplexUtils and took the following steps:

Per request of the committers, I have done a thorough proofread and 
changed the following:

- Ensured all javadoc is correct.
- Ensured all appropriate variables are marked final.
- Ensured all methods still pass JUnit tests in ComplexUtilsTest
- Incorporated suggestions of Luc in the now-stale branch he created
- Re-wrote a few methods so that all multi-dimensional methods support 
ragged arrays
- Edited some html tags in the polar2Complex method previously present 
in ComplexUtils, because they were throwing errors in JavaDoc generation
- Added the above as a comment to my original JIRA issue (MATH-1290)

I was unable to come up with the needed Git wizardry to breathe life 
into the stale branch that Luc originally created for my edits, and push 
to that. So I pushed the changes to my own fork, but incorporated his 
suggestions into my ComplexUtils edits. Let me know if I can take any 
steps to make the merge easier. I ran the Eclipse JavaDoc generator so I 
could proofread the doc in HTML, so any differences in merging the doc 
folder should be thrown out.

I also agreed to provide some sample code for OpenCL / JogAmp 
incorporation and I am cleaning up that project for submission as output 
now, so I should be able to deliver that example in the next couple of 


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