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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Commons Compress 1.11 Released
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2016 14:58:10 GMT
Hash: SHA1

The Apache Commons Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Commons Compress 1.11.

Version 1.11 brings performance improvements to the 7ZIP code and
read-only support for ZIP archives using BZIP2 compression. In addition
it contains numerous bugfixes and enhancements, see the full list below.

The Apache Commons Compress Library defines a Java API for working with
ar, cpio, tar, zip, 7z, arj, dump, gzip, pack200, bzip2, lzma, snappy,
Z, xz and deflate files.

Source and binary distributions are available for download from the
Apache Commons download site:

When downloading, please verify signatures using the KEYS file available
at the above location when downloading the release.

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o TarArchiveInputStream now supports reading global PAX headers.
  Issue: COMPRESS-347.
o The PAX headers for sparse entries written by star are now
  Issue: COMPRESS-346.
o GNU sparse files using one of the PAX formats are now
  detected, but cannot be extracted.
  Issue: COMPRESS-345.
o New method SevenZFile.getEntries can be used to list the
  contents of a 7z archive.
  Issue: COMPRESS-341.
o When using Zip64Mode.Always also use ZIP64 extensions inside
  the central directory.
  GitHub Pull Request #10 Thanks to Matt Hovey.
o ZipFile.getRawInputStream() is now part of the public API
  Issue: COMPRESS-323.
o Allow byte-for-byte replication of Zip entries.
  GitHub Pull Request #6. Thanks to Jason van Zyl.
o TarArchiveEntry's preserveLeadingSlashes is now a property and used
  on later calls to setName, too.
  This behavior is a breaking change.
  Issue: COMPRESS-328.
o Added read-only support for bzip2 compression used inside of
  ZIP archives.
  GitHub Pull Request #4. Thanks to Sören Glimm.

Fixed Bugs:
o ArArchiveInputStream can now read GNU extended names that are
  terminated with a NUL byte rather than a linefeed.
  Issue: COMPRESS-344.
o Native Memory Leak in Sevenz-DeflateDecoder.
  Issue: COMPRESS-343. Thanks to Rene Preissel.
o SevenZFile will now only try to drain an entry's content when
  moving on to the next entry if data is read from the next
  entry. This should improve performance for applications that
  try to skip over entries.
  Issue: COMPRESS-340. Thanks to Dawid Weiss.
o file names of tar archives using the xstar format are now
  parsed properly.
  Issue: COMPRESS-336.
o checksums of tars that pad the checksum field to the left are
  now calculated properly.
  Issue: COMPRESS-335.
o ArArchiveInputStream failed to read past the first entry when
  BSD long names have been used.
  Issue: COMPRESS-334. Thanks to Jeremy Gustie.
o Added buffering for random access which speeds up 7Z support.
  Issue: COMPRESS-333. Thanks to Dawid Weiss.
o The checksum validation of TararchiveEntry is now as strict as
  the validation of GNU tar, which eliminates a few cases of
  false positives of ArchiveStreamFactory.
  This behavior is a breaking change since the check has become
  more strict but any archive that fails the checksum test now
  would also fail it when extracted with other tools and must be
  considered an invalid archive.
  Issue: COMPRESS-331.
o SnappyCompressorInputStream and
  FramedSnappyCompressorInputStream returned 0 at the end of the
  stream under certain circumstances.
  Issue: COMPRESS-332.
o Adjusted unit test to updates in Java8 and later that change
  the logic of ZipEntry#getTime.
  Issue: COMPRESS-326.
o TarArchiveOutputStream will now recognize GNU long name and
  link entries even if the special entry has a different name
  than GNU tar uses itself.  This seems to be the case for
  archives created by star.
  Issue: COMPRESS-324.
o ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when InfoZIP type 7875 extra
  fields are read from the central directory.
  Issue: COMPRESS-321.

For complete information on Commons Compress, including instructions
on how to submit bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement,
see the Apache Commons Compress website:

Stefan Bodewig, on behalf of the Apache Commons community
Version: GnuPG v1


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