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From sebb <>
Subject [BCEL] Binary compatibility - approaches to solving the interface changes
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2016 09:13:16 GMT
I found the Clirr report I did on BCEL:

This compares BCEL trunk with 5.2.
[The 5.2 code was shaded to align the package names.]

As can be seen, the main changes are additions to the Visitor interface.

There are several approaches to fix this:
- require Java 8 and add default implementations to the interface
- update the code to allow for missing methods when using the Visitor
  This requires catching the appropriate Exceptions when calling the
new methods.
- move the new methods into a sub-interface.
 This requires code changes wherever the Visitor is used.

[I suppose one could also drop the new methods entirely.
But I suspect that would remove too much functionality.]

The simplest is likely to be to use Java 8 (but it would need to be
checked out).

But will that exclude too many users?

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