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From Gilles <>
Subject [rng] Usefulness of benchmarks
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2016 22:36:50 GMT

This page
presents two sets of benchmarks.

For a long time, I've raised the issue that it might be important
to understand why they don't seem to agree.

Eventually, it seems that performance is not such a great concern
as was made to believe when I initially questioned a few statements
of the then Commons Math code.

The discrepancy between "PerfTestUtils" and JMH could be a bug (in
"PerfTestUtils" of course!) or ... measuring different use-cases:
Use of several RNGs at the same time vs using a single one; the
latter could allow for more aggressive optimizations.

Lacking input as to what the benchmarks purport to demonstrate, I'm
about to simply delete the "PerfTestUtils" column.
The result will be a simplified (maybe simplistic) view of the
relative performance of the RNGs in the "single use" use-case.

Any comment, objection, explanation, suggestion?
[E.g. set up JMH to benchmark the other use case, or a reason why
this is in fact not necessary.]


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