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From Peter Ansell <>
Subject Re: [RDF] jena, rdf4j, json-ld integrations
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2016 04:10:59 GMT
On 15 September 2016 at 12:49, Stian Soiland-Reyes <> wrote:
> On 13 Sep 2016 5:14 a.m., "Peter Ansell" <> wrote:
>> Sesame-4 will not have any more releases due to the Eclipse migration,
>> so you will not have a large user-base for that. Even maintaining a
>> Sesame-2.8 module may not find many users, as users who are still
>> using it for the near future will likely not be migrating to Java-8
>> and hence won't be integrating Commons RDF as often as those who are
>> already migrating to Eclipse RDF4J.
> Right, I will probably just release the sesame4 as a private one-off on
> GitHub, I think it would only be useful to a narrow set of users who are
> "temporarily stuck" with sesame (as I am in one project I don't want to
> maintain too much) but want to wriggle their way over to RDF4j via Commons
> RDF, say one class/module at the time.

One of the original goals was to help with migration and
interoperability so if it doesn't then things would need to be
reworked on the Commons RDF side to support that.

> Thankfully rdf4j and sesame live well on the class path together! (But I
> guess that could break if RDF 4J moves on to way newer dependencies)

The main dependencies that are shared and liable to break are the
FasterXML Jackson and Apache HttpClient dependencies that both
semi-regularly break their public APIs at the minor version level and
sometimes at the patch level. In the long term you would need to
isolate RDF4J and Sesame with OSGi or Java-9 modules/etc. to keep them
playing nice together.

>> Developing an integration for JSONLD-Java in the same way as I have
>> setup the others with their own repositories is a possibility for that
>> aspect, similar to:
> Yes, that could be a possibility, but I think Commons is still not quite
> ready for "micro" git repositories as it would complicate web site
> maintenance and release processes. it's easy enough to split out the
> modules with git subtree, but not if you keep developing on both sides
> afterwards. :)

Keeping them together in a single Git repository simplifies things a
lot when you are making regular changes to things. Git
subtrees/submodules are a nightmare in my experience and hopefully you
don't have to go down that track.

>> However, both Jena and Sesame/RDF4J have ended up having their
>> JSONLD-Java integrations moved back into their core repositories so it
>> isn't the same for everyone.
> Yes, I think that would be good goal, so perhaps the JSONLD-Java model
> would work here as well, then it does not matter so much "how integrated"
> Commons RDF gets where - Commons could still provide an empty "glue" Maven
> artifact to depend on such external integrations (or just list them on the
> site)

It has worked fairly well for JSONLD-Java so far, which has stabilised
most of its API for now.

> BTW, as I'm currently the sole author of the commonsrdf-rdf4j integration I
> could contribute it separately to Eclipse under the EPL, if so desired.

RDF4J didn't choose to use the EPL, they are using a BSD-style license
that Eclipse also support, but the rest of the Eclipse legal
procedures for contributions are still being used.



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