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From Stian Soiland-Reyes <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Commons RDF as new component?
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2016 13:22:01 GMT
Commons RDF (incubating) has been in the Apache Incubator since 2015,
with an aim to graduate into the Apache Commons PMC.   I think now the
time has come to propose such a move.

This route was agreed with the Commons PMC at the time, and we have
had good guidance from our mentors, including Commons PMC folks Gary
Gregory, Benedikt Ritter and lately myself :)

As noted in the 0.3.0 release today, Commons RDF aims to provide a
common Java API for RDF 1.1 graphs and datasets.  Commons RDF 0.3.0
adds API bindings for Apache Jena, Eclipse RDF4J, JSON-LD Java as well
as a standalone implementation.

Now I think Commons RDF is stabilized and is ready to graduate to be a
component under Commons PMC where we can do a 1.0.0 release to mark
the spot.

(Concurrent thread on dev@commonsrdf:

I must admit that community-wise Commons RDF is not as strong as when
the podling started - forming a uniform API across multiple
implementations and use cases did mean many hard technical and
semantic discussions which caused some people to withdraw for a while.
Several has since returned as indirect contributors (e.g. code

Now that the Commons RDF API has settled, and given that Commons has a
"any ASF committer have write access" policy and an open development
mode, I would like to propose here (and at dev@commonsrdf) that the
component graduate to be owned by Apache Commons PMC.


Here's a project maturity report

Want to crunch some code ? Have a look at

Stian Soiland-Reyes

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