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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [complex][math-util] dependencies
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2016 19:39:30 GMT
Hi Eric,

Eric Barnhill wrote:

> I thought it would be good to raise a structural question here rather than
> in the commons-complex JIRA.
> The Complex library has multiple dependencies on three packages:
> -- commons-math base classes (e.g. Field et al.)
> -- commons-math exceptions
> -- commons-math util (numerous classes)
> Otherwise it is self-contained. (Some tests within the  QuaternionTest
> class use a large chain of dependencies from the geometry package, so I
> think it is best to simply remove the geometry-dependent tests until
> someone arrives to maintain that library.)
> This suggests to me that, if we were to continue with some kind of
> math-utils base class, it should consist of these three current packages:
> the base classes, util and exception. It might in fact make sense to spin
> out this base library first (which I am happy to oversee) then return to
> finishing out the independent complex library with only commons-math-util
> as dependency.

It seems you try to create what commons-math should have been ;-)

However, I'd avoid the term "utils" in a components name, it sounds 
immediately again as dumping ground for all kind of stuff. What about 

> Would this also be compatible with the current trajectory
> of RNG?

It's IMHO independent. It boils down more to the point if we agree that 
there will be never a release of commons-math4.


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