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From Gilles <>
Subject Re: [CANCE][VOTE][LAZY] Release Commons Parent POM 42 based on RC1
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2016 11:20:11 GMT
On Sat, 3 Dec 2016 10:53:27 +0000, Stian Soiland-Reyes wrote:
> I would prefer the source distribution to also be deployed in Maven
> Central, as most Maven projects now do through the Apache super pom 
> (but
> then called -source-release). This means the Maven distribution for a
> particular version should be completely reproducible without having 
> to hunt
> around the (which is discouraged for direct 
> downloads)
> and have slight variations in paths and filenames.
> We have not heard complaints from Sonatype to stop including the 
> source
> distros - that would affect all Maven-using ASF project - their 
> presence
> cause no harm.
> When reviewing an RC a -src.tar.gz in the repo also makes it very 
> easy to
> check that the deployed version matches src dist (barring deliberate 
> fraud)
> - for the rng RC I had to instead check each of the -sources.jar 
> (which are
> not guaranteed to be compilable).
> Another matter is the -bin releases (they are just aggregates of jars
> already deployed separately) and making sure there are not like 
> .asc.asc
> extras. In a multi-module build only the top level distros should be 
> made -
> most ASF projects manage this in different ways.

This is the opposite of what the "release tools" (I don't which 
* they upload every module source and bin packages (+ sigs, checksum 
and hash)
* they do not upload the "aggregate" distribution

For the latter, I've been told they I have to create specific 
files and call "mvn assembly:single" but see

These are tasks common to all releases, it should be dealt with in
commons-parent, even if it implies some additional conventions (not
a problem I guess!).

Since this is discussed now, it would be an opportunity to introduce
the much waited functionalities before release v42:
* create and upload full distribution to Nexus (and make a copy to
   the SVN "dev" directory
* not upload the partial (modules) source and binary archives to Nexus
   (avoid manual deletion)
* ensure that top-level LICENSE and NOTICE files are included in the
   all the modules JAR files


> On 2 Dec 2016 2:07 am, "Charles Honton" <> wrote:
>> Why do we expect the src zip to be present in the maven repository?  
>> No
>> other commons project pushes the src zip/gz to maven central.
>> If we want to supply src zip/gz as a convenience, why wouldn’t it be 
>> at
>> <> as
>> all other components are?
>> thanks,
>> chas
>> > [...]

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