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From Gilles <>
Subject Re: [ALL][Math] git pull requests: how?
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2017 10:50:38 GMT
On Wed, 1 Mar 2017 22:51:54 -0600, Matt Sicker wrote:
> Normally the GitHub email gives you the proper command to use to pull 
> the
> PR into your local git which you can merge and push (which merges the 
> PR
> once GitHub gets updated from
> As for making sure that email gets sent, if it's not, file an INFRA 
> ticket
> about it. I've never tried it, but this might work:
> git pull

$ git pull
remote: Not Found
fatal: repository '' not 

> If you add .diff or .patch to the end of the URL, it gives you a diff 
> that
> you can manually apply. The .diff URL appears to be a normal diff 
> while the
> .patch URL is the output of "git format-patch". So, if you download <
>> and run "git 
> apply
> 55.patch", that'll commit it properly as if you merged the PR itself 
> I
> think (it'll set the commit author properly at least for proper 
> historical
> attribution).

Thanks, that could be a (sub-optimal) solution.

> Also, adding a commit message somewhere (e.g., a follow up empty 
> commit or
> a changelog entry commit) containing the phrase "this closes #55" (or 
> maybe
> just "closes #55"; it's pretty loose) is enough to close the PR, but
> merging it should close it automatically.

Yes, I knew that, because the notification, when it gets sent, contains
all the information necessary to handle to request (and additionally, 
JIRA issue will be updated automatically too).

Hence that would be the preferred solution.

I still wonder why the various Commons projects (those managed by git 
having a GitHub mirror) behave differently.


> On 1 March 2017 at 17:53, Gilles <> 
> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> How should the project be configured such that the request
>> posted here:
>> is as easy to handle as the one posted here:
>> ?
>> Thanks,
>> Gilles
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