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From Gilles <>
Subject Re: [ALL] The Commons Math issue
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2017 12:56:20 GMT
Hi Emmanuel.

On Wed, 12 Apr 2017 12:03:05 +0200, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Gilles,
> I admit I'm not sure to understand what you are complaining about. 
> Last
> year you complained that you were the last one maintaining 
> commons-math

It was not a complaint, but a (sad) fact.

> and that a monolithic component was unsustainable.

Not a complaint, but my analysis of the actual situation:

> Since then we got new
> contributors and smaller components have been spun off commons-math.

Yes; and it is good per se, of course.  Unforunately, it didn't change
the Commons Math issue: it's still unmaintained, and from what I 
on JIRA, it's not going to improve with time (I said that much one year
ago and I was right, in hindsight).

> What do you expect now that is blocked by the PMC?

With "Commons RNG", I think that I showed that the "new, small, focused
components" route is the right one.[1]

Such components can be used and contributed to easily. For example, 
there are much fewer parts, there is much less risk that pulling on a 
will lead to sweeping changes (into parts where one can be clueless 
the implications).
Also, a focused component can be maintained by a single developer, if 
be.  Looking at the evolution of the older/mature components, it seems 
it is most often the case nowadays.

CM can be further recycled in that way. I tried to (re-)start a 
about it:

Last time I acted (to request a "git" repository from INFRA), you 
pardon me if I'm wrong) complained ;-) that it had not been agreed 

IMO, there is a contradiction in the PMC being both passive (not 
to the overall health of CM[2]) and active (in preventing "do-ocracy" 
wrt the
choice of a roadmap for CM[3]).

Moreover, the lack of interest shown by the PMC:
is a worrying indication that any further work can be doomed to not get 
minimal support for an official release, even if there would be no 
reason"[4] to prevent such release.

Thanks for your attention[5],

[1] It's the right size and scope: I now agree with the PMC members who
     did not see it useful to have its current modules as separate
[2] Assuming that a dead/zombie project cannot be healthy. ;-)
[3] My roadmap is totally conservative: CM code that is not moved to
     another component, stays in CM "master" branch as is, for anyone to
     pick up later. The alternative is not conservative, and could lead
     to changes that will prove wrong later on.
[4] Apart from the plenty of unresolved issues (cf. JIRA).
[5] As usual, sorry for the long email, but trying to keep messages
     short does not seem to help either in conveying correctly what I
     perceive as a need for PMC action...

> Emmanuel Bourg

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