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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Compiler targets and Java 9
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2017 14:41:08 GMT

thanks to Rob Rompkins, and his recent work on Fileupload, it came to
my attention that Java 9 will no longer support JVM 1.5, and lower, as
a compiler target. [1]

This means, that we will be preventing our developers from using Java
9, if a component is still below 1.6. (And, I'd expect that to be the
case for quite some projects.)

Now, leaving the general discussions regarding Java 9, and (in
particular) Jigsaw, aside, I think that is something that we ought to

OTOH, it seems reasonable to expect that Java 9 adoption will be slow,
given that it isn't upwards compatible.

So, as a  compromise, I propose that we adopt the following policy:

All commons proper components are expected within one year from now on
to bump their compiler target to 1.6, or beyond, and have a release
published with that target. That way, we know, that it works fine with
the Java 9 compiler.



The next time you hear: "Don't reinvent the wheel!"

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