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From Karl-Philipp Richter <>
Subject [MATH] Enforce run of checkstyle-maven-plugin in validate instead of site phase
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2017 16:16:37 GMT
While working on a [small
contribution]( I noticed
that there's a checkstyle setup which is run in a reporting phase of
Maven which might be skipped by most developers and isn't used on Travis
CI. I suggest to move this phase to the validate phase of Maven which
runs before the compile and test phase and in case of failure forbids
the invoker to build the project successfully. Therefore most
contributions will like they're intended too without the need of extra

The downside is that new (and eventually old) devs might be annoyed at
some point, especially if they frequently work on different projects
with different styles.

I can take over the move to the validate phase which is 10 lines
insertion/deletion in pom.xml, but not the definition of code style
rules which are common for the project because I don't know them. Doing
this change reveals about 400 issues of which > 95% are related to
missing or errornous Javadoc which is worth having a look at, but might
be postponed by deactivating the rule for now. Then you need to discuss
code style rules, because some, like the ones in the issue linked above,
aren't covered yet.

-Kalle Richter

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