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From Gary Gregory <>
Subject [CSV][POLL] How to provide mutable records
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2017 20:04:24 GMT
Hi All,

We have a request for [CSV] to provide mutable records. There is no clear
consensus to me on how to do this. The current CSVRecord class is immutable
but is not documented as such. I attribute that to YAGNI up to now.

Options range from simply making CSVRecord immutable to creating a new
CSVMutableRecord class and a few things in between.

I'd like to get a feel what the community thinks here. IMO this boils down
to whether or not it matters that CSVRecord remains immutable.

[0] do nothing

[1] Add two put methods to CVSRecord making the class mutable:
put(int,Object) and put(String,Object). This does not break BC but changes
the runtime behavior for apps that expect immutable record and shard the
records with other components.

[2] Add a "mutableRecord" boolean option to CVSRecord and CSVFormat such
that a new boolean in CVSRecord allow method from 1) above to either work
or throw an exception.

[3] Add a "mutableRecord" boolean option to CVSRecord and CSVFormat such
that subclass of CVSRecord called CVSMutableRecord is created which
contains two new put methods. See branch CSV-216.

[4] The factory method:
  * @param orig Original to be copied.
  * @param replace Fields to be replaced.
  * @return a copy of "orig", except for the fields in "replace".
 public static CSVRecord createRecord(CSVRecord orig,
                                      Pair<Integer, String> ... replace)

Could also be:
 public static CSVRecord createRecord(CSVRecord orig,
                                      int[] replaceIndices,
                                      String[] replaceValues)

I like the simplicity of [1] and I coded [3] to see how cumbersome that

So my preference is [1].


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