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From "Yan, Xianming" <>
Subject Re: [How to contribute] How to contribute to the community
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2018 18:15:22 GMT
hi stefan

thanks for your reply.

i have a lot of free time.

i will check the informatin you gave me first and decie what next.


? 2018?2?2????4:41?Stefan Bodewig <<>>


On 2018-02-02, Yan, Xianming wrote:

I just joined the mail group


and want to do some contribution for the project, but don't know
how. If anyone know would you please tell me.

First of all you should find out what it is that looks like fun to
you. Which of the several Commons components are you interested in, what
is it that you want to spend your time on?

Once you have identified a component that you think is interesting go
looking at their bug tracker, maybe there are issues that sound
interesting or you see something where you immediately think "I can do
that!". Then mention in the issue you'd like to tackle it and give it a
try. If you realize you get stuck or you need to ask somebody why things
are the way they are, this list is the place to go.

On the commons website there are some more elaborate hints

the latter being more technical. And if you are new to the Apache
community you may want to quickly glance over and the "For Contributors" part
of the community website.

But don't get lost in too many details first. Remember this is supposed
to be fun and that you can always ask for advice on this list if
anything is unclear.



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