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From Rob Tompkins <>
Subject Re: [release-plugin] best multi-module project?
Date Sun, 18 Feb 2018 13:20:51 GMT

> On Feb 18, 2018, at 5:11 AM, Thomas Vandahl <> wrote:
>> On 07.02.18 00:28, Gilles wrote:
>> Having no idea on how to achieve it, I'd wish that creating
>> the "full dist" only requires a custom "goal" like (?)
>>  $ mvn package:dist
>> with no ad-hoc directory/module: all modules specified in the
>> top POM would have their artefacts (recursively) bundled into
>>   <component>-dist-<version>.tar.gz
> The Maven way would be that "mvn deploy" does the right thing - which in
> turn means that the Maven release plugin can be used.

Not quite because our release process isn’t precisely the same as what maven does. Hence,
our release plugin strives to be a shim for our site and distribution files. But yes, I agree
that “mvn deploy” should essentially do everything you need. 


> The JCS build
> tries to achieve just that by adhering to Maven standards and Maven
> standard lifecycle phases. Adding special, non-standard goals is not the
> Maven way of managing projects.
> Bye, Thomas
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