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From Gilles <>
Subject Re: [Statistics] Port codes from Commons Math
Date Sat, 05 May 2018 13:20:45 GMT
Hi Gimhana.

On Sat, 5 May 2018 15:50:43 +0530, Gimhana Nadeeshan wrote:
> Hello all,
> As I proposed early I would like to begin port code from Commons-math
> <> to Commons-statistics
> <>.
> (For further details refer my  GSoC Proposal
> <>
> though I'm not selected this year)
> This is my proposed architecture in brief
>    1. Commons-Statistics-Core => Frequency and StatUtils classes (Can 
> add
>    more common classes while implementing)
>    2. Commons-Statistics-Correlation
>    3. Commons-Statistics-Descriptive
>    4. Commons-Statistics-Inference
>    5. Commons-Statistics-Interval
>    6. Commons-Statistics-Ranking
>    7. Commons-Statistics-Regression

Nit-pick: module names have no capital in them (just a convention).
So: "commons-statistics-core" rather than "Commons-Statistics-Core", 

> While I referring Commons-Geometry

No need to refer to that project since "Commons Statistics" has been
set up:

The code repository is here:;a=tree
It already contains a "commons-statistics-distribution" module whose
layout can be duplicated in the modules which you are proposing above
(with appropriate changes of course).

> ported code to get a head start , I
> found that each module inside, contain a pox.xml file. Are they 
> implemented
> as separate projects and then group in the same package? I'm asking 
> because
> Since I'm new to code porting :-).

A requirement is that no package should be shared between different
modules; by convention, the top-level package of module
would be

[And so on for the other modules. But I'd suggest you start with one.]

> If so in here should I create all 7 projects and then group those in 
> same
> project.

No, the project is "Commons Statisitics" and it would contain several
_maven_ modules, each of which should ultimately map to a _JPMS_ (JDK9)

> Firstly I suppose to start port Ranking Module as it has less
> dependencies comparing to others.

Fine. But don't forget to browse through the JIRA issues of Commons
Math (CM) for things that would need fixing.  Whenever it's the case,
please open a report in the new JIRA project (linking to the CM
report), and post here your proposed solution (or questions).

We might want to create a public branch for that work in order to
merge PRs more quickly without risk of breaking "master".
What do you think?  Eric?

> Would someone help me to get a head start ??

What else do you need?

Best regards,

> Best Regards,
> Gimhana.
>>> [...]

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