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From Alex Herbert <>
Subject [Rng] Merge outstanding PRs for construction speed baseline
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2019 17:12:33 GMT

I'd like to start on improving the methods in rng-simple to create the 

There are a few PRs outstanding but I think the discussion on this list 
was that the new XoShiRo generators are OK. So I would like to merge the 
following PRs:

RNG-82: Add XorShift1024StarPhi generator
RNG-70: Add new XoShiRo generators

Then use master to set a baseline for the construction speed. This can 
be used to compare against the latest code to see how much the changes 
have improved construction speed. Given the work will have a big effect 
on generators with small state it would be good to have the new 
generators in the baseline.

I note that the only tags in git are for releases. So the baseline can 
be just a commit Id and I'll add it to the benchmark Jira RNG-72 for 

There are also some other PRs to be discussed:

RNG-81: NumberFactory to sample all rationals between 0 and 1.

This one changes to the implementation in Open JDK for float and double 
generation. I think this is OK to merge. It won't effect the baseline 
but is good to get it into the next release.

RNG-78: Added a ThreadLocalRandomSource.

This works as a proof of concept. But it is all new files and so I'm 
happy to leave that until it is decided exactly if and where to put it.

RNG-76: Added primitive long constructor to SplitMix64

This is something that will effect the benchmark so I'll merge it after. 
It is a trivial change with a noticeable performance gain by avoiding 
auto-boxing of the long seed.



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