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From Alex Herbert <>
Subject [Rng] User Guide Quality section
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2019 11:51:06 GMT
I've just added a Jira task to add the new XorShiRo generaters to the 
user guide.

I note that the order of the RNGs in the *Quality* section does not 
match the order of the RandomSource enum, nor is it alphabetical. The 
list order is defined in 
org.apache.commons.rng.examples.stress.GeneratorsList. Nearly all the 
IntProviders are first with the exception of MWC_256 and KISS.


- Should the new XoShiRo generators be added to the end?
- Should all the *Quality* results be reordered to match the 
RandomSource enum?
- Should results be alphabetical?
- Should the MWC_256 and KISS be moved so the generators are listed for 
IntProvider then LongProvider?

Looking at the history for RandomSource enum and the GeneratorsList it 
seems the order has always been the same in both, although not between 
them. If new generators are added to the end of the RandomSource enum 
then perhaps all the other lists used in the test suites and 
benchmarking suites should match the same order.

I would vote for requiring that new generators are added to the end of 
the RandomSource enum. All other lists through the code should match 
this order.

The order in PR #30 for the XorShift1024StarPhi generator adds to the 
RandomSource enum directly after XOR_SHIFT_1024_S.

The order in PR #20 for the new XorShiRo generators adds to the 
RandomSource enum at the end in alphabetical order for the IntProviders 
then again for the new LongProviders.

These can be fixed depending on the order decision when the PRs are merged.


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