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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject Re: [Rng] New XoShiRo generators
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2019 11:38:57 GMT
Le mar. 19 mars 2019 à 10:26, Alex Herbert <> a écrit :
> > On 19 Mar 2019, at 10:35, Gilles Sadowski <> wrote:
> >
> >>> [...]
> >>
> >> Given all the stress tests will be rerun shall I go ahead and reorder the existing
files, user guide .apt file and the GeneratorsList to be in the order of the RandomSource
> >
> > We could wait for the new results before updating the site.
> I was going to rearrange it all and test all the links in the local site are all ok.
I have this scripted but have not yet run it.

Are you going to upload this script to the repository?

> When new results are ready they can be written over the existing ones. Either way I am
fine. So let’s leave it until new results have been done and then check the site.
> I will update the GeneratorsList to be autogenerated from the RandomSource enum.

Let me know when everything is in place, and I'll try and start a stress test
run on my side.

> >>
> >>
> >> Big/Little Endian for Dieharder:
> >>
> >> [...]
> >>
> >> Reversing the bytes in the Java code is the easiest option.
> >
> > +1
> > [With an option flag for selecting whether the output should be BE or LE.]
> >
> OK. I will consolidate all this and update the instructions to make it
clear that endianness needs to be considered.
> Should I add the raw data dumper to the source base? This runs a named RandomSource for
a given number of iterations with a provided seed and outputs 4 files: Dieharder text format
and raw binary, with standard order and byte reversed. It may be useful if debugging the output
of RNGs ever needs to be done again.

Sure.  Can this be also added as an option to the "RandomStressTester"
class?  E.g. with a flag like
  --dump file_prefix,sequence_length
  "file_prefix" is the basename of the output files, and
  "sequence_length" is the number of ints to generate.


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