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From sebb <>
Subject [ALL] Issues with Git repos: bad HEADs and unexpected refs - need Git guru
Date Wed, 29 May 2019 13:32:26 GMT
I noticed that JCS still has a trunk branch and that appears to be the
default, so I did a check of all the commons git repos.

The command used is:

git ls-remote #{repo} HEAD master trunk
where repo ={commons-???}.git

I then compared the hashes for HEAD and refs/heads/master.
If different, then the HEAD is not master.

Some of the repos have references other than HEAD, refs/heads/master
or refs/remotes/trunk (which I assume are OK?)

The discrepancies are listed below.

The most important ones are obviously the ones with bad heads - I
guess we should ask Infra to reset those. But what if changes have
been made to trunk?

I don't know what to do about the additional references, if anything.

Unexpected HEADs:
61732d3c65cbfae58d71e2dd55caf8760a9aa642 HEAD **not master**
61732d3c65cbfae58d71e2dd55caf8760a9aa642 refs/heads/trunk REF?
61732d3c65cbfae58d71e2dd55caf8760a9aa642 refs/remotes/trunk
96720ced6f263462aaae7217392399267b1d141f refs/heads/master
ad897014842fc830483f32fdfb903f3bb8f70289 HEAD **not master**
ad897014842fc830483f32fdfb903f3bb8f70289 refs/heads/trunk REF?
ad897014842fc830483f32fdfb903f3bb8f70289 refs/remotes/trunk
b59d43e64e3759dac71b4b68bf43f3ac32d484c3 refs/heads/master

Unexpected REFS (HEAD looks OK):
141e820c70fa3a86d49b740076b11ba50dc8b456 refs/remotes/origin/master REF?
9329b1486e28b4d7112dc30ba381892dccb924db refs/remotes/trunk
a88dbbbd76aed4ac98d94ceb2e1bc9bd2183aa84 HEAD
a88dbbbd76aed4ac98d94ceb2e1bc9bd2183aa84 refs/heads/master
0548efba5be8c7dd04f71d81e642488fec6f5472 HEAD
0548efba5be8c7dd04f71d81e642488fec6f5472 refs/heads/master
0548efba5be8c7dd04f71d81e642488fec6f5472 refs/heads/trunk REF?
0548efba5be8c7dd04f71d81e642488fec6f5472 refs/remotes/trunk
e7f1bbad19cbd1f4ed3085b83d2866c9bc247815 refs/original/refs/remotes/trunk REF?
163d643d1176e0dc9334ee83e21b9ce21d24fc1a refs/remotes/trunk
3ee99ea6cabeee96d5dfbb45e43b1e8cf74a9929 refs/original/refs/heads/trunk REF?
3ee99ea6cabeee96d5dfbb45e43b1e8cf74a9929 refs/original/refs/remotes/trunk REF?
48b615756d1d770091ea3322eefc08011ee8b113 HEAD
48b615756d1d770091ea3322eefc08011ee8b113 refs/heads/master
838024d7d8193d181506568fec9e681b6e11e59a HEAD
838024d7d8193d181506568fec9e681b6e11e59a refs/heads/master
838024d7d8193d181506568fec9e681b6e11e59a refs/heads/trunk REF?
838024d7d8193d181506568fec9e681b6e11e59a refs/remotes/trunk

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