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From Alex Herbert <>
Subject Re: [Rng] Jenkins JDK 1.6 failing
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2019 12:51:29 GMT

On 20/06/2019 13:47, Gilles Sadowski wrote:
> Hello Gary.
> Le jeu. 20 juin 2019 à 14:31, Gary Gregory <> a écrit :
>> Java 6? Really?
> You ask this recurrently. ;-)
> [I know this is not the right thread to answer it but anyways...]
> That [RNG] still supports Java 6 is a tribute to what I've been
> advocating for ages:  Better create small and focused components
> rather than pile up code in big monolithic libraries.  That way, we
> can have both stability (for components that *really* don't need the
> bleeding edge features of the JDK), and fun (developing functionality
> that benefits staying in sync with the newer JDK features).
> Regards,
> Gilles
Random number generation is just arithmetic. The main routines could 
probably be done in Java 1.

There is nothing outside of the main routines that absolutely requires 
newer features. It does use generics from 1.5.

I'm not sure why it is Java 1.6 and not Java 1.5. Probably due to EOL 
for Java 1.5.

There are some things that could be picked from the Streams API (as 
discussed recently on a thread about dynamic shuffling). But that 
reached no conclusion as to whether it was a feature with real merit.


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