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From Alex Herbert <>
Subject Re: [GSoC][STATISTICS][Regression][Exception] How should I handle handling exceptions?
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2019 16:39:02 GMT
On 19/06/2019 17:33, Ben Nguyen wrote:
> Hello,
> Regarding the use of exceptions for the regression module; should I simply try to port
over all required exceptions straight from “apache.commons.math.exception” into it’s
own exception package inside “regression.util.exception” perhaps customizing them to regression’s
specific use cases as well….? Or will there be a full port of all exceptions for all modules
to use…. though I do see one custom exception in “commons.distribution” so maybe not
the latter?
> Thank you for your reply,
> Cheers,
> -Ben Nguyen

Math used checked exceptions.

I think the idea is to move to unchecked exceptions. In most cases this 
should be for illegal arguments and this is why the distribution module 
throws a special case of IllegalArgumentException. It is there to make 
formatting of messages easy.

What other types of exceptions are you expecting that cannot be 
satisfied by?

- IllegalStateException

- ArithmeticException

- Possibly others from the standard Java runtime exceptions


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