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From Alex Herbert <>
Subject Re: [numbers-fraction] Code duplication between FractionTest and BigFractionTest
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2019 08:40:16 GMT

> On 20 Jun 2019, at 00:54, Heinrich Bohne <> wrote:
> An awful lot of code is duplicated between FractionTest and
> BigFractionTest. Often, the test cases in the two classes only differ in
> the types they use (e.g. Fraction vs. BigFraction), but the actual
> values the tests use are the same.
> I think this could be mitigated by adding a new class that stores the
> values for these common test cases, and the classes FractionTest and
> BigFractionTest retrieve the values from this class and only implement
> the test patterns.
> I created a draft here:
> Any opinions on this?

1. BigFraction should work the same way as Fraction when the numbers are the same

So collecting the common tests together makes sense. The change in the PR looks good.

2. BigFraction should work with numbers that cannot be handled by Fraction

A quick looks shows that the BigFractionTest does have test cases for very large numbers.
However the add, subtract, divide and multiply tests and a few others just use values that
would work with Fraction. Possibly these can be moved to a shared common tests location too.

Then variants added using BigInteger arguments just to make sure the Big part of BigFraction
is working.

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