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From "Bruno P. Kinoshita" <>
Subject Re: [lang3][collection4][text] Investigation on the diffusion of innovation along with java releases
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2019 06:04:54 GMT
>Or maybe more accurately, Commons doesn't have any libraries for this yet (not like we're
limited to purely Javahere).
We have the unreleased Commons Functor. I believe this was the intention of the project, though
it lost momentum. But some interesting code there that could be simplified and released if
there's still interest.


    On Wednesday, 31 July 2019, 3:59:25 am NZST, Matt Sicker <> wrote:
 On Tue, 30 Jul 2019 at 08:50, Gilles Sadowski <> wrote:
> I certainly agree with Gary as to why "Commons" is not there being a
> practical issue (of no concerted road map and lacking developers to
> implement it).  However, did I understand correctly that you consider
> such a development to be useless?  I.e. rather than updating "Commons"
> do you suggest that application developers should not use it?

I meant that writing Commons libraries for functional programming
still isn't possible with Java's limited generics and type system. I'm
talking about higher kinded types, dependent types, monads, functors,
etc. While there are some Java libraries out there that attempt to do
this [1] [2], there's no "natural" way to express type classes and
other functional programming concepts in Java. Considering the lack of
Kotlin and Scala libraries in Commons at the moment, I'd conclude that
this isn't the most appropriate place for functional programming
libraries at the moment. Or maybe more accurately, Commons doesn't
have any libraries for this yet (not like we're limited to purely Java

However, that isn't to say that Commons libraries can't offer anything
useful that relies on lambda functions, streams, completable futures,
etc., but that is a fairly limited subset of functional programming,
and any academic study looking at this should know that due to
familiarity with languages like Haskell where "real" functional
programming tends to take place still. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding
the point of this question entirely.


Matt Sicker <>

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