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From Alex Herbert <>
Subject [codec][parent] javadoc on JDK 11 requires <source>
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2019 15:59:15 GMT
There is a PR outstanding for [codec] that fails on JDK 11 for the 
javadoc build [1].

It's not related to the PR but because the javadoc tool on JDK 11 is 
strict about documenting code from the 'unamed' module.

This can be fixed with the <source> tag in the javadoc plugin:


[codec] currently inherits most of the configuration from 
[commons-parent]. This <source> tag is present in parent version 48 in 
the <reporting> section, the release profile but not the <build> 
section. It seems it is still missing in 49-SNAPSHOT too.

So if you run `mvn site` then it works and it would work for a release 
build. It is just missing for a regular build as run by travis.

Any objections to adding a temp fix to the codec pom for this and then 
adding the tag to the parent 49-SNAPSHOT in the build section. When 49 
is released then codec's modification can be dropped.



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