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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Commons Daemon 1.2.1 RC1
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2019 20:39:13 GMT
A couple of regressions have been identified in the 1.2.0 release so I'd
like to get 1.2.1 released to address them. So, time for another release

Notable changes since 1.2.0 include:
- Correct a regression (DAEMON-401) that caused 32-bit Windows services
  to crash on start-up
- Correct a regression (DAEMON-407) the caused the Windows GUI to mix up
  the WARN and INFO log levels.
- Expand (and document) the search algorithm for the Java runtime
  library to better support newer versions of Java that do not install a
  separate JRE when installing a JDK.

The full set of changes is in the changelog

1.2.1 RC1 can be obtained from (r35583)

The git tag is:
Hash:  3fc90a64726639c32a46ec25a5f8ac1b84525082

The Maven Staging repo is:

The Windows binaries have been signed by the Symantec code signing service.

Files signed with my preferred key:
KEYS file is standard Apache Commons keys file:

[ ] Approved - go ahead and release Commons Daemon 1.2.1 RC1 as 1.2.1
[ ] Broken   - do not release because...

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