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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: Git status update
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2019 11:54:15 GMT
Le 24/10/2019 à 12:54, sebb a écrit :

> Without a fixed tag pointing to a commit, AIUI the commit can be
> eliminated through a force push.

Force pushing a branch doesn't erase the tags along it nor its parent
commits. The commit and the tag still exist in the repository.

> That is deliberate, to avoid the lost commit issue.

Git commits aren't easily lost. They can be recovered from ASF backups,
GitHub, developers working repositories and from the affected repository
itself until it's garbage collected.

> It's standard within the ASF now.

It's a feature provided by the ASF infrastructure if we are interested
in using it, not a mandatory policy. I'm not interested in more complexity.

>> * it doesn't solve any actual issue
> Yes, it does solve an issue - see above.

Sorry but no, it never happened in Commons, this is purely theoretical.
And should it happen anyway it's trivial to restore the original branch
from a developer repository.

>> * we want fewer steps to our release process, not more
> No, we want as few as possible, but no fewer.

It's possible to work without read-only tags, so let's not overload our
processes even more please.

Emmanuel Bourg

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