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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: Git status update
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2019 08:28:33 GMT
Le 09/09/2019 à 17:29, Gary Gregory a écrit :

> What I meant is that, when we successfully create a release, then the
> release tag should go under 'rel/' instead of ''. Sorry for the
> misunderstanding.

If the vote mail mentions the tag name and the commit hash I don't see
the need to use read-only tags. The mail is archived all around the net
and the commit isn't going away. The risk of losing a release is zero.

I can see the downsides of using rel/ tags though:
* it can't be reverted and errors can't be corrected (without bugging
the infra team I guess, but they've more important things to do)
* it's inconsistent with past releases and we probably don't want to
retag all our repositories
* it doesn't look great, shorter tags look nicer
* it's longer to type when checking out tags from the command line
* it's non standard (never seen that anywhere)
* it doesn't solve any actual issue
* we want fewer steps to our release process, not more

Emmanuel Bourg

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