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From Gabriel Reid <>
Subject Compiler warnings in Crunch
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 13:24:22 GMT
As prep for some other development I was going to do in Crunch, I was
considering cleaning up some (or all) of the compiler warnings that
are currently occurring (they make the right-side search ribbon in
Eclipse almost unusable right now).

A significant portion of the compiler warnings are raw type generics
warnings, i.e. "xxx is a raw type. References to xxx should be
parameterized", where we're doing general operations with PCollections
and similar objects without knowing anything about their generic

We could add wildcards (i.e. PCollection<?>) to each of these generic
objects in the methods where the warnings are occurring -- this would
be my preferred thing to do. On the other hand, I think that adding
wildcards make the code more difficult to read, while having any kind
of real added value.

The other option we could take (less preferable to me) is to use
@SuppressWarnings("rawtypes") on some or all of the affected methods
-- it'll leave the code in a more readable state, but I'm not that
wild about just suppressing warnings.

Anyone else care to weigh in on this?

- Gabriel

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