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From Matthias Friedrich <>
Subject Re: Build failed in Jenkins: Crunch-master-integration #216
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2013 10:26:58 GMT

On Sunday, 2013-03-03, Chao Shi wrote:
> Sorry for the break.

> I think this is related with my patch (which changes the synchronization
> mechanism when killing a pipeline). The cause is a racing problem on
> CrunchJobControl#runnerState. I will file a JIRA ticket to fix it.
> I'm interested in how Jenkins find it. I run "mvn install" to run
> intergration tests and do observe the stacktrace, but it doesn't cause
> CancelJobsIT to fail. Does anyone know how Jenkins do it?

There may be a race condition in Crunch that should be fixed, but
judging from past data, most broken builds are due to Apache's shaky
infrastructure or bugs in Jenkins itself (yes, this is a problem that
makes CI almost pointless). I have re-triggered the build to see if
the problem persists.

The build job doesn't do anything exciting. Basically, it fetches
changes from our git repo, cleans the workspace using "git clean -fdx"
and then runs "mvn clean install". I think it also uses a fresh Maven
repository for each build.


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