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From Matthias Friedrich <>
Subject Re: Draft of the Board Report
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2013 18:58:31 GMT
Cool, you beat me to it :)

Some minor clarifications, see below.

On Tuesday, 2013-03-12, Josh Wills wrote:
> Hey all,
> This is what I've written up for our first report to the ASF Board. If you
> have any comments and/or additions, please let me know and I will
> incorporate them if I can.
> ==================================================
> Apache Crunch is a Java library for writing, testing, and running
> MapReduce pipelines on Apache Hadoop.
> We completed our most recent release (0.5.0-incubating) on 2/19/13,
> just before we left the Incubator.
> * All of the Incubator transfer procedures have been completed.

We're not 100% done, we still have our release directory at the
Incubator. We can't remove it until we have a new release, otherwise
our checksum links would 404.

We could temporarily switch the links to the archive repository
though if you want to complete this before our next release.

> * The PMC is currently voting on a set of bylaws for the project
>   modeled after the bylaws of the Apache Pig community.

To be ultra-precise, I have used Zookeeper's with minor tweaks and
added a bit of Pig :)


> * Nine issues have been resolved since our most recent release,
>   primarily small bug fixes. One major feature was adding the
>   ability to start and monitor a MapReduce pipeline
>   asynchronously, which was contributed by a new developer
>   on the project.
> * 50 subscribers to the dev mailing list, 62 subscribers to the
>   user mailing list.
> * There have been no changes to the PMC or committer composition
>   since our recent graduation.
> * The user mailing list has seen small but steady traffic in the
>   form of questions and requests from Crunch users.
> * All of the major TLP creation tasks are completed, but we
>   have one outstanding issue from the move from the Incubator:
>   our github mirror hasn't been updated to reflect the new
>   repo name. This is tracked in INFRA-5933.
> * The website has been updated to reflect the project's new
>   status as a TLP.
> No known issues.
> No known issues.
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> Director of Data Science
> Cloudera <>
> Twitter: @josh_wills <>

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