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From Matthias Friedrich <>
Subject Re: Crunch, Mahout, and HCatalog
Date Sun, 24 Mar 2013 16:59:38 GMT
On Friday, 2013-03-22, Josh Wills wrote:
> I'm working on some tools for doing data integration and building machine
> learning models w/Crunch, Mahout, and (soon!) HCatalog, and I wrote about
> what I'm up to here:
> and the code is here:

Cool thing, thanks for open sourcing it!

> Q: Why not do this as part of the Crunch or Mahout projects?
> A: Dependency management. Crunch doesn't depend on Mahout, and Mahout
> doesn't depend on Crunch, and I think that for the sanity of the developers
> of both projects, it should stay that way. Dependency management is already
> enough of a nightmare for Hadoop projects that I didn't want to do anything
> to make it worse. I will contribute anything from the toolkit back to
> Crunch that is deemed useful by the community (e.g., the reservoir sampling
> stuff in CRUNCH-178) and doesn't introduce any new dependencies.

This is really sad - but most probably the best decision for now. Do
you happen to know if there is any work planned on the Hadoop side to
clean up this situation?


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