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From "Kusenda, Brandyn J" <brandyn-kuse...@uiowa.edu>
Subject descriptors referencing by location vs name
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2012 14:49:57 GMT
First off, thank you for sharing all your hard-work on this fantastic project.  

What is the reasoning behind choosing to specify descriptors by location rather than name?
 In the context of Maven, using "name" seems to make creating a self-contained jar that executes
a pipeline much simpler. I've been investigating running a UIMA pipeline on a hadoop cluster
and referencing all descriptors by name is one of the suggested steps. I personally have not
experienced any need to recompile because of a descriptor change in my Eclipse environment
when the descriptors are in the classpath.    

Also, as someone who would like to use some or all of cTAKES as a module in our own pipeline,
having each component somewhat self-contained is really helpful. 

So in regards to your thread on where to keep resources, I would suggest either:
- creating another artifact (example: dictionary-lookup-resources) for each artifact's resources
- including the resources in each artifact in the classpath (example: /src/main/resources).


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