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From "Coarr, Matt" <mco...@mitre.org>
Subject Re: ctakes-resources
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2012 15:15:23 GMT
Trying to distill some of the suggestions...

Could we have two top level directories in svn -- main-modules and
resource-modules?  And then below resource-modules we could have
dictionary-lookup-resources, lvg-resources, etc.

* (ctakes svn trunk)
  * main-modules
    * core
    * clinical-documents-pipeline
    * dictionary-lookup
    * lvg
  * resource-modules
    * dictionary-lookup-resources
    * lvg-resources

This means you could just checkout main-modules and keep it pretty small
(mostly just code and descriptors).  Then you can checkout "main-modules"
a a few times to have different working directories without taking up too
much space (perhaps a working copy for trunk development, another for
clean copy of latest release, a third for an experimental branch, and
perhaps a fourth for a branch to patch the last release).  But they could
all use the same resources.

And ideally, most users and developers could pull those resources from the
maven repository as an artifact, unless they were working on packaging up
a new version of those resources.


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