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From "Chen, Pei" <Pei.C...@childrens.harvard.edu>
Subject RE: licensing question
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 16:39:18 GMT
Hi Jorn,
If we trained a model and included it as a resource within the ASF repo, just wanted to confirm
if that's acceptable in ASF even though it's in a binary format?
Were there any issues for openNLP with including trained models?


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jörn Kottmann [mailto:kottmann@gmail.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2012 8:01 AM
> To: ctakes-dev@incubator.apache.org
> Subject: Re: licensing question
> On 08/01/2012 01:01 PM, Miller, Timothy wrote:
> > There was some chatter last week about resources potentially being
> downloaded via maven for license compatibility reasons.  Just wondering if
> that brings about the possibility of using external libraries that are not
> apache-licensed that would also be auto-downloaded under certain maven
> build commands.  Specifically I was thinking of the GPL-licensed berkeley
> parser which I've used to get significantly higher accuracy than the opennlp
> parser we currently wrap in our constituency parser module.
> Making scripts or maven build commands which download stuff is fine, but it
> might turn out to be quit limiting for your users which need the freedom of
> the AL. That will be a problem if Berkeley is the only option.
> The HBase people for example have an optional dependency on LZO which is
> GPL, and people there just need to install and download it themselves.
> See here:
> http://hbase.apache.org/book/lzo.compression.html
> Speaking as an OpenNLP committer now, it would of course be nice to make
> our parser better.
> If you want to work on that we will be happy to get some patches.
> Jörn

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