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From Tim Miller <timothy.mil...@childrens.harvard.edu>
Subject better place for umls credentials
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 13:17:31 GMT
The developer guide lists 3 options for umls credentials, and they all 
have issues:
1) environment variable
     -- tried this one, got errors in .bashrc for illegal variable 
names, maybe it works in windows only
2) vm arguments in run configuration
     -- works, but then you have to add it for every new run configuration
3) edit the descriptor file
     -- runs the risk of accidentally checking in your credentials to svn

I tried setting the values in eclipse.ini, that does not work.

I think now I have stumbled on a decent solution, better than the 
options we've had up till now. If you open windows->preferences in 
eclipse, then select Installed JREs, and select the jre you use and 
click edit. Now a window pops up that lets you put in default VM 
arguments. I put in my UMLS credentials here and that seemed to work. In 
theory this should then work for all run configurations, you shouldn't 
have to re-do it for new run configurations.

Can someone else please verify that this works? And if so should we make 
this the default way to do it in developer setup? Any downsides I'm missing?


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