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From "Masanz, James J." <Masanz.Ja...@mayo.edu>
Subject RE: cTAKES Virtual Machine update
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2013 15:16:39 GMT
Hi Andy,
It's great to see such enthusiasm!

I like all the ideas. I don't know how we ensure our image doesn't end up out of date, but
I think it's worth doing -- and given the size of our community, I hope it will be able to
be kept up to date.

I'm not sure where we would host the public demo server, and since keeping the image itself
up to date would be needed in order to keep the live public/demo server up to date, my thoughts
are to start with 2 and 3 and decide about #1 later.

-- James

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Subject: cTAKES Virtual Machine update

"Eating your own dog food" 

I've bundled a NLP appliance containing UMLS and cTAKES and I'm migrating services to the
AWS cloud. 
Throughout this process I have extensively documented the steps and I made a VM target for
Ubuntu 13.04. 

I would have used the iDASH appliance but it is no longer maintained and was way out of date.

>From conversations and experiences witth iDASH and NCBO bioportal I strongly support a
VM option for cTAKES downloads.  

#[ 1 ] Public demo server (instance of VM)
For new users, this is the "hook" that motivates them to get involved BEFORE licensing and

#[ 2 ] Downloading the public demo server is power ! 

#[ 3 ] Example code for each cTAKES component is game changing 

cTAKES has an impressive set of components, but no way to try them out. 

Whereas you can play with the components of Bioportal, for example 

I'm sharing these experiences and suggestions because I truly do believe they are crucial
and likely more important than any level of new-features that can be added. 

Hoping this message finds you well. 
I will soon circulate a copy of a VM to play around with and get feedback. 



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